Location: RoyOMartin-OSB, Oakdale, LA

Primary Responsibilities: He or she must take a proactive approach to personal safety, as well as that of others. Additionally, he/she must perform custodial duties as assigned, such as mopping and vacuuming floors, dusting various surfaces, and removing trash; maintain meeting rooms, rest rooms, and public areas; ensure all equipment/fixtures (kitchen equipment, lighting fixtures, fountains) are clean and in working order; respond appropriately and promptly to service and/or supply requests received from supervisory or office staff; identify and report equipment not functioning properly; assist in arranging rooms for meetings/functions; notify purchasing department when supplies are needed; and maintain equipment and/or janitor’s closet in an orderly manner that facilitates easy access to supplies and equipment.

Job Qualifications: To be considered for this position, candidates must have a high-school diploma or equivalent, plus at least one year of experience working in an office environment. Additionally, he/she must be physically capable of running appropriate cleaning equipment, including floor buffer, and of rearranging training room and kitchen furniture.

Behavioral Profile: The successful candidate must demonstrate a commitment to safety and housekeeping. He/she must be able to work independently, as well as with a team; be detail oriented and self-motivated; and be able to effectively prioritize and multitask.


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