RoyOMartin is Now Hiring at: Corrigan OSB (Corrigan, TX)

Primary Responsibilities: The maintenance manager is responsible for setting the example for “IBiZ” safety culture at RoyOMartin subsidiary Corrigan OSB, L.L.C.; leading efforts to achieve world-class goals in safety, production, cost improvement, product quality, and compliance with policies and procedures; directly supervising, evaluating, and prioritizing the professional development of two maintenance team leaders; assisting maintenance team leaders with evaluating and providing developmental resources and training for the continuous improvement of their team members; maintaining approved staffing levels; leading people-development programs within the maintenance department; leading preventive and predictive maintenance programs, as well as precision maintenance activities, throughout the plant; and working with production and maintenance teams to facilitate weekly, monthly, and annual outages.

Job Qualifications: Required skills, experience, and/or education includes demonstrated commitment to safety; experience planning, negotiating, organizing, and problem-solving; interpersonal communication and teamwork skills; and computer proficiency in Microsoft Office and other programs. Desired skills, experience, and/or education include a degree in engineering or technology or 5-10 years of experience in industrial leadership.

Behavioral Profile: In addition to technical skills, the successful candidate must demonstrate a high level of emotional intelligence; the ability to positively influence and motivate others with a “lead by example” approach; commitment to RoyOMartin’s corporate values through genuine care for others and the use of sound judgment in decision-making; self-confidence and self-motivation; drive toward results and action; ability to prioritize tasks in an urgent, systematic, and logical manner; attentiveness to detail; and the ability to grasp complex concepts easily and transfer knowledge to others.


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