A telehealth visit is a way for the Legacy Health & Wellness staff to provide care to you, the patient, without you needing to travel to the clinic. This can be both convenient for you and can help reduce the spread of infections in the community. A telehealth visit is scheduled just like a regular appointment, but instead of coming in to our office, your visit will be by video call or telephone call. We prefer video calls, which allow us to see things like your facial expressions, exact location of pain, appearance of a skin problem, and so on, but a telephone call can be done, if needed. We can care for many problems this way, although there are limitations in that we can’t physically examine you or do blood or other testing.

What to Do before Your Telehealth Visit

  1. Make sure we have the best phone number to reach you and a good email address, in case we want to email you any forms or questionnaires to fill out before the visit.
  2. Prepare information. Write your health information down, so that we can have the exact numbers, if applicable.
    • For any acute illness, such as fever, cough, sore throat, or nausea/vomiting: check your temperature with a thermometer.
    • Diabetes: Check your blood glucose. Let us know ahead of time if you do not have a glucometer, so that we can send a prescription for one to your pharmacy. If you did not receive specific instructions on checking blood glucose, then check one fasting blood sugar daily (after waking, but before you have had anything to eat or drink).
    • Hypertension (high blood pressure): Check your blood pressure. If you did not receive specific instructions, check your blood pressure once a day for a few days before your visit. Before checking your blood pressure, you should be seated quietly in a chair for five minutes, with both feet on the floor and with your back against the back of the chair.
    • Depression or anxiety: If we sent you a questionnaire, please complete it before the visit.
  3. Prepare your space. Try to be in a quiet, private area where you can discuss your personal-health issues comfortably.
  4. Prepare for your video call or telephone call.
    • For a video call, you will need a smartphone (iPhone or Android) with a camera and a reliable data connection. You do not need to install any app. You will receive a text message when the provider is ready to see you. Tap on the link in the text message, and a page will open in your web browser. You will need to agree to the privacy terms and grant permission for use of your camera and microphone, and then the video call will begin. If you are unable to start the video call, please call the Legacy Health & Wellness office at 318-441-2220 to conduct the visit as a telephone call instead.
    • For a telephone call, any telephone will do, but try to speak loudly and clearly.

Thank you for your consideration. To view this information as a PDF, click here. If you have any questions, contact Legacy Health & Wellness at 318-441-2220.

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