Eclipse™ Weather Resistant Barrier allows builders to save time and money by integrating housewrap and reflective insulation into a single structural panel. With an exposure rating of 180 days, Eclipse™ Weather Resistant Barrier is ideal for a range of buildings, from commercial to residential, and single to multi-family.


Product Specifications

  • Lengths*:
  • Width*: 48
  • Thicknesses**: 7/16 , 15/32 19/32 , 23/32
  • Product Standard: DOC PS2, RIMA-I US-003-10, CA Registration Number 465
  • Verification: APA – The Engineered Wood Association (mill number 511); RIMA-I
  • Applications: Sidewall panels with a weather-resistant barrier applied

*nominal inches   **performance categories


Discover the Value of Eclipse™ Weather Resistant Barrier


Tape and panel method installs faster and replaces traditional housewrap


Available in 8′ and extended lengths to save more time and money


Class “B” fire rating improves Eclipse’s performance capabilities


All RoyOMartin products are available Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified

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