Current Listings

Windsor Court Shopping Center (4 Units)

2371 MacArthur Drive
Alexandria, LA 71301

Property Description
Located in a prime shopping area off MacArthur Drive, this property for sale or lease is known locally as the former Florita’s dress shop. The Windsor Court shopping strip contains both retail and services businesses in view of the Alexandria Mall and Albertson’s. Four units are currently available for sale, two of which are leased. The other two units are vacant and are also available for lease. Also in close proximity are three new hotels, offering exposure to local residents and travelers alike.

This property contains four units, offering a total of 9,615 sq. ft. for sale.

Anchor suite: 5,658 sq. ft. (vacant)
–Former women’s formal-wear shop
–Split floor plan with 3,600 sq. ft. open floor
–Contains full-service kitchen, multiple restrooms, and offices

Suite A: 1,815 sq. ft. (vacant)
–Former cellular retail
–Split floor plan
–Contains partial kitchen, multiple restrooms, and offices

Suite B: 1,150 sq. ft. (leased)

Suite C: 992 sq. ft. (leased)

Commercial Property Proposal: Windsor Court

Contact Information
For sale or lease information, contact or 800-549-1554.