TuffTier® OSB Sub-Flooring is designed for applications requiring a structural subfloor, ideally suited for flooring in both residential and commercial construction.

Product Specifications

  • Lengths*:
  • Thicknesses (category)**: 19/32, 0.578 in. (14.68 mm), span 20 O.C. (SE or T&G-Net 47 1/2); 23/32, 0.703 in. (17.86 mm), span 24 O.C. (SE or T&G-Net 47 1/2)
  • Grade: Sturd-I-Floor (underlayment)
  • Product Standard: PS 2 PRP-108
  • Verification: APA – The Engineered Wood Association (mill number 551)
  • Applications: Subfloor for residential and light commercial construction

*nominal inches   **performance categories


Discover the Value of TuffTier®


Exceptional strength and rigidity for quiet durability


Self-spacing tongue and groove design for easier and more efficient installation


Available sanded or unsanded


Wood sustainably sourced through FSC® certified timberlands.

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