RoyOMartin is one of several wholly-owned subsidiaries of Martin Sustainable Resources L.L.C., a privately held equity investment company. The name RoyOMartin honors the business pioneer and Martin family patriarch, Roy O. Martin, Sr. (Roy Sr.), who began the family’s first business with a small sawmill in Alexandria, Louisiana, in 1923 and soon thereafter bought a few acres of timberland.

Martin Sustainable Resources L.L.C. is owned by several generations of Roy Sr.’s descendants. Its holdings are broad but focus primarily on land, timber, and mineral resources with special emphasis on sustainable forests and forest-products manufacturing businesses. These holdings include the plywood and oriented strand board (OSB) manufacturing facilities owned and operated in Louisiana by RoyOMartin and RoyOMartin’s wholly-owned Texas subsidiary (Corrigan OSB, L.L.C.). Martin Timberlands L.L.C. is one of the largest private landowners in the southern United States.

RoyOMartin is professionally managed by experienced family and non-family leaders who are proud of the family’s heritage and dedicated to the values established by Roy Sr. nearly a century ago. These values are the company’s riches. They are not comprised of material possessions – they are far more important. We express them as RICHES:


Respect for each other as human beings uniquely created by God.


Integrity in what we do and say we will do regardless of the cost, legally and ethically.


Commitment to our business, to our employees, to our customers and to each other.


Honesty in our interactions with our fellow employees, our supervisors, our customers, our vendors, and our families.


Excellence in safety, product quality, employee training and development, and process improvements.


Stewardship of our land, timber, and plant assets.

2024 Vision Statement

RoyOMartin is a family-owned, professionally managed company whose stakeholders hold fast to our core values of Respect, Integrity, Commitment, Honesty, Excellence, and Stewardship.

We excel at growing people, working safely, producing quality wood products, and sustaining natural resources entrusted to us by God.

Meet our Strategic Action Leadership Team (SALT)

Chairman, CEO, and CFO
Roy is Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Financial Officer for RoyOMartin. Born in Alexandria, Louisiana, he is a graduate of Bolton High School. After high school graduation, he enrolled in Louisiana State University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Tau Beta Pi).
President and COO
Scott is President and Chief Operating Officer for RoyOMartin. Originally from Jena, Louisiana, he attended Louisiana Tech University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Forestry. Shortly after, Scott joined the RoyOMartin forestry department. He later obtained his Master of Business Administration from LSU.
Executive Vice President of Manufacturing and Product Sales
Terry was born in Springhill, Louisiana, and moved several times until graduating high school in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Louisiana Tech University.
Vice President of Human Resources
Donna Bailey is Vice President of Human Resources and is responsible for all HR-related activities for RoyOMartin. She joined the company in 2005 and has held positions as Human Resources Manager, Human Resources Director, and Corporate Human Resources Director.
Vice President of Plywood
Jeremy is the Vice President of Plywood for RoyOMartin. He began his career with the company in 2006 as a member of the Chopin team as Dry-End Manager. His career in wood products began with International Paper upon completing his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Louisiana Tech University.
General Counsel
Martha Crenshaw is the General Counsel for RoyOMartin. She oversees all legal matters, litigation, and the selection of outside counsel.
Vice President of Information Systems
Spencer Martin is the Vice President of Information Systems and oversees the IT department in implementing strategic IS improvements within the organization. As a fourth-generation family member, he has worked in nearly every aspect of the company throughout his 30 years with RoyOMartin. His career with the company began in the sales department of the LeMoyen, La., hardwood sawmill selling to domestic and international customers.
Vice President of Environmental, Safety, and Sustainability Operations
Natalie Martin Monroe is the Vice President of Environmental, Safety, and Sustainability Operations for RoyOMartin and serves as the Corporate Secretary for the Martin Sustainable Resources (MSR) Board of Directors. As a fourth-generation leader, Natalie began her career at RoyOMartin, working as an intern at the home office for many summers, including during the construction of the plywood facility in 1995.
Vice President of Land and Timber
Cade is the Vice President of Land and Timber. He joined RoyOMartin in 2001 and has been engaged in most areas of forestry, real estate, and oil and gas development. Graduating from Louisiana Tech with a Bachelor of Science in Forestry and Alcorn State University with his Master of Business Administration degree, Cade has continually taken on increasing challenges throughout his career.

Board of Directors

The Martin Sustainable Resources L.L.C. Board of Directors is comprised of Martin family members and industry professionals. Currently serving on the board of directors are: Roy O. Martin III (3rd Generation), Charles Weems, Harold Stanton, Peggy Scott, Mike Mordell, Edward Thibodeaux (4th Generation), Eric Howard (4th Generation), Amanda Martin Vincent (4th Generation), Mary Martin Fowler (3rd Generation), and Natalie Monroe (4th Generation).

Martin Family Council

The Martin Family Council is comprised of all lineal descendants of Roy O. Martin Sr., and his wife Mildred B. Martin, their spouses, and their children. The Family Council was formed to educate younger generations about the family business, encourage responsible ownership, and promote family unity. Serving on the Family Council Steering Committee are:

Amanda Vincent 2023 web

Amanda Martin Vincent


4th Generation

Laura M Hollier 2023 web

Laura Martin Hollier

Vice President

4th Generation

Jack Floyd 2023 web

John "Jack" Floyd IV


4th Generation