Hunting Leases

Hunting Leases at RoyOMartin

RoyOMartin offers hunting and recreational leases across nearly half a million acres in Louisiana. So whether you’re looking for a 20-acre patch for yourself or more than 1,000 acres for family and friends, finding a property that suits you couldn’t be easier. Follow the simple steps below to find your recreational paradise.

Looking for a Lease?

Current Lessees

Look for new hunting lease tracts posted here mid-July 2024 . Click HERE to find what’s available near you!

Eastern Wild Turkey

Acquiring a Hunting Lease

Note that available leases will be released mid-July 2024 and are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. The individual who submits the first payment, application, and contract will be awarded the lease. 

Find An Available Tract

Visit an available tract at your convenience and at your own risk (no appointment necessary). The tract boundaries are marked by YELLOW paint.

Sign A Lease Contract

Click the “Lease Now” button from the Available Hunting Leases page, fill out the lease application, and sign the contract.

Submit Your Payment

Choose your form of payment. Pay instantly with credit card* or e-check*, or mail a check to: 
Martin Timberlands L.L.C. P.O. Box 1110 Alexandria, LA 71309.

*Credit card and e-check payments are subject to a processing fee.

Request Hunting Lease Information

Click here to request more information about our Hunting Leases.

If you have questions or you would like a 42″x42″ color aerial photo of your hunting lease, please complete the webform at the link above.


Our lease policy includes the following terms:

  • Annual renewal date of June 30th;
  • Property is leased “as is” and no refunds are granted;
  • Liability insurance is required and may be purchased through us currently at $0.20/acre;
  • Minimum standards of deer herd management: three points or better (let spikes walk) and adequate harvest of antlerless deer.

Click HERE to view available Tracts.  Once you’ve made a decision, simply click the “Lease Now” button from the Available Hunting Leases page to begin the process.

Newly available properties will be added to the website in mid-July each year.  You can view available properties by clicking HERE.

Boundary lines are marked with bold yellow paint.  Many property corners are also marked “ROM.”

Yes, give us a call if you have a specific tract of land in mind, and we’ll be glad to add you to the waiting list.  We’ll notify you if it becomes available.

Tip: Checking with the parish tax accessor’s office or using mobile apps with a property identification feature can be helpful in locating land owned by RoyOMartin.

Food plots may be established in existing openings such as fire lines, logging sets, and pipeline and powerline rights-of-ways.  However, there are some restrictions to keep in mind. The clearing of trees and planting non-native crops are strictly prohibited.  Roads are also off limits when it comes to establishing food plots.

Stands should not be placed closer than 20 feet from the back slope of any graded road ditch.  As always, safety is our top priority!

Gates may be installed on entrances not otherwise “gated” using cables, chains, or metal apparatuses.  Give us a call before installing any gate so that we can make sure it meets our specifications.

Don’t see what you are looking for? Give us a call at 800-299-5175.