SmartCore® Rated Sheathing is ideal for residential and light commercial construction, and provides outstanding performance and durability to new homes, room additions, and remodeling.

Product Specifications

  • Length*:
  • Width*: 48
  • Thicknesses**:

3/8 Category, 0.354 in. (8.99 mm), span 24/0
15/32 Category, 0.469 IN. (11.91 mm), SPAN 32/16
19/32 Category, 0.594 IN. (15.08 mm), SPAN 40/20
23/32 Category, 0.719 IN. (18.26 mm), SPAN 48/24

  • Grades: List, RS, CD, struct-1
  • Product Standard: PS2 PRP108
  • Verification: APA – The Engineered Wood Association (mill number 473)
  • Applications: Sheathing for walls and roofs; subfloors.

*nominal inches   **product classes/performance categories, inches

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Discover the Value of SmartCore® Rated Sheathing


Manufactured to the highest quality


Made of southern yellow pine for the greatest strength and stiffness


Ideal for a variety of applications


All RoyOMartin products are available Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified

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