Buyer Beware: Imported Brazilian Plywood Falsely Claims Compliance to U.S. Product Standards

APA Product Advisory SP 1185 p1 600x600


The United States is being flooded with massive quantities of Brazilian plywood that do not meet U.S. Voluntary Product Standard PS-1 for structural plywood as claimed. The imported product fails to meet stiffness standards and span rating requirements.

Importers have not only falsely claimed compliance. Some will even be so bold as to stamp “Made in America” on the boards, meaning South America but leaving out that one vital descriptor to deceive purchasers.

APA – The Engineered Wood Association conducted in-depth product testing for these imports, and the study revealed immense product failure for some Brazilian plywood products. The APA warns in its June 2018 Product Advisory that, if a builder should use these panels, “Because APA has no control over the quality of workmanship or the conditions under which Brazilian plywood panel products are used, it cannot accept responsibility for product performance or design as actually constructed.” View the full Product Advisory, SP-1185, here.

Contractors, builders, and architects who specify or purchase Brazilian plywood will be liable for any product failure. Protect yourself, your customers, and your business by purchasing plywood “Made in the USA” that is certified by the APA.

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Amanda M. Vincent, Sales Representative