Celebrated annually in October, RoyOMartin Women in Manufacturing Day is designed for young women in grades 7-12 to gain awareness of career opportunities available in our manufacturing industry. Attendees from across Central Louisiana hear unique testimonials from a select group of female leaders in RoyOMartin production and support roles, such as forestry, supply chain, accounting, sales, and other areas. 

The following women represented their sites at our 3rd Annual RoyOMartin Women in Manufacturing Day, held on October 29, 2019. New representatives are announced each year. Watch for details on the 2020 RoyOMartin Women in Manufacturing Day event!

Kathy Armstrong
Maintenance administrative assistant, RoyOMartin-Plywood (Chopin)
Employee since 1998

Jennifer Forest
Internal auditor, Alexandria home office
Employee since 2014

Shelia Guillory
Production team member, RoyOMartin-OSB
Employee since 2006

Robyn Smith
Forestry assistant, Oakdale District
Employee since 2008

Erica Cruz
Production team member, Corrigan OSB, L.L.C.
Employee since 2017

We Support Our Women in Manufacturing

Meet some of our celebrated women in manufacturing by viewing the videos below. At RoyOMartin and our subsidiaries, every day is Women in Manufacturing Day!