RoyOMartin hosted its 6th Annual Women in Manufacturing Day on October 28, 2022.

This event is celebrated each October in conjunction with the National Association of Manufacturers and the Manufacturing Institute’s Manufacturing Day programming. RoyOMartin Women in Manufacturing Day is designed for young women in grades 7-12 to gain an awareness of the career opportunities available in the manufacturing industry.

Congratulations to the following team members who represented their respective locations at our 6th annual event:

  • Jessica Difulco – RoyOMartin Corporate Office; employee since 2001
  • Savannah Duncan – RoyOMartin-Plywood/Timber; employee since 2021
  • Tara Mosley – Corrigan OSB, L.L.C.; employee since 2019
  • Ebony Moran – RoyOMartin-Plywood; employee since 2014
  • Miranda Underwood – RoyOMartin-OSB; employee since 2021

Viewers gain an awareness of career opportunities available in our manufacturing industry. Young women in grades 7-12 are especially encouraged to attend virtually. The broadcast features:

  • Introductions to RoyOMartin executives
  • An overview of bright futures in manufacturing
  • Testimonials from 5 women in RoyOMartin production and support roles
  • Q&A session

View the recording of the live-streamed Fourth Annual RoyOMartin Women in Manufacturing Day below:

2020 RoyOMartin Women in Manufacturing Day

Learn about manufacturing-career opportunities from company leaders and our six 2020 RoyOMartin Women in Manufacturing Day honorees.

We Support Our Women in Manufacturing Careers

Meet some of our celebrated women in manufacturing by viewing the videos below. At RoyOMartin and our subsidiaries, every day is Women in Manufacturing Day!