RoyOMartin and City of Alexandria Unveil Jonathan E. Martin Memorial Grove at Compton Park

JEM Memorial Grove sign

On April 24, 2024,  RoyOMartin and the City of Alexandria dedicated the Jonathan E. Martin Memorial Grove at Compton Park. Members of the media, local officials, and the community attended the special occasion to celebrate the enduring legacy of Jonathan E. “Johnny” Martin and the growth of Compton Park into a cherished community space.

Located at 4358 Wakefield Blvd. in Alexandria, Louisiana, Compton Park has undergone significant improvements generously donated by RoyOMartin. The ceremony commemorated the unveiling of these enhancements to the public park.

Last fall, the Alexandria City Council voted unanimously to accept the donation, recognizing it as a meaningful tribute to the late Jonathan E. Martin. The former chairman, CEO, and former president of RoyOMartin passed away in 2019.  He was a beloved figure in the community and frequently visited Compton Park, near his residence in the Charles Park neighborhood.

“Johnny loved this park, he loved this neighborhood, he loved Alexandria, he loved the world, “ stated Jonathan Martin’s wife, Maggie, at the dedication.

Mr. Martin found solace in the serenity of Compton Park, often seen walking the track and engaging with fellow patrons. He was a staunch advocate for environmental stewardship, actively promoting litter clean-up and the preservation of natural landscapes. “When this park opened, he became its self-appointed keeper,” Maggie Martin continued. “He was here every morning. He picked up litter and inspired others to do the same.”

Among the upgrades to the park is a new, state-of-the-art Tree Top Playground, enhancing the recreational experience for visitors of all ages. Improvements to the walking trail and the addition of a shaded gathering area of cypress trees further enhance the park’s amenities.

According to Martin III, the new limestone benches and stage represent the strong foundation of RoyOMartin.

“In building a company with Johnny, we built a company with a foundation that’s meant to last,”  stated current RoyOMartin Chairman, CEO, and CFO Roy O. Martin III. “That is what is represented here at the park. As third-generation family members, we are giving the fourth generation a solid company, the best it’s ever been.  And that’s from God’s blessings.”

The new trees are meant to illustrate the company’s current state.
“We planted cypress trees because they grow fast, just like our company is growing fast. They represent the present.”

To symbolize the future, Martin pointed to the new playground.

“What is our future? Children are our future and when they play on this equipment they will be outdoors, under God’s canopy of trees, and that kind of spirituality is something we all need to be successful.”

JEM Memorial Grove collage


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