We will begin accepting payments for the 2017-2018 hunting season on May 8, 2017. New properties will be added to the website on July 14. All currently available tracts are advertised by clicking here and cost $8.50/acre plus $0.20/acre liability insurance, with a minimum lease amount of $400 plus $0.20/acre liability insurance. See “Properties for Sale and Lease” below to access available properties. The total cost listed for each available tract includes the insurance. All deer and rabbit dogs used for hunting are prohibited on all properties during the open deer season. 

Lease Policy Terms

Our lease policy includes the following terms, but review our rules and regulations for additional mandatory conditions:

  • Two-year term contracts that offer first option for renewal to lessees in good standing;
  • Annual renewal date of July 1st;
  • Minimum amount of $400.00 per lease;
  • Property is leased “as is” and no refunds are granted;
  • Liability insurance is required and may be purchased through us currently at $0.20/acre;
  • Quality Deer Management (QDM) program guidelines must be followed. Three points or better – let spikes walk. As part of the QDM program, each club is also strongly encouraged to harvest an adequate number of antlerless deer.

Lease Instructions

  • Visit the tract at your convenience and at your own risk, but be sure it is still on the website prior to the visit. You do not need to set up an appointment. The tract boundaries are painted YELLOW. If you decide to lease with us, you must complete the following paperwork and submit with full payment to the post office box named below. These forms can be found on the ‘Lease Forms’ webpage which is linked to this site’s home page.
  • Complete an application.
  • Review our Hunting Lease Rules and Regulations and sign/date last page.
  • Make payment payable to Martin Timberlands L.L.C. We can accept payment only by credit card, personal check, money order or certified check. We cannot accept payment by cash. To pay by credit card, call 1-800-299-5175.
  • Mail payment, application, and signed copy of our Hunting Lease Rules and Regulations to: Martin Timberlands L.L.C., P.O. Box 1110, Alexandria, LA 71309-1110; or fax all information to 318-483-3889 for credit card payments.

If you have questions, you are encouraged to complete the webform below or call us toll-free at 800-299-5175.

If you would like a 42″x42″ color aerial photo of your hunting lease, please call 318-483-3894 for more information and pricing.

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