New Production Line — Expansion of Eclipse™ OSB Radiant Barrier Production

Eclipse RB

Corrigan, Tx. (April 14, 2021): RoyOMartin® today announced a new production line for Eclipse™ OSB Radiant Barrier at its Corrigan, Texas subsidiary.

“As always, RoyOMartin strives to be on the cutting edge, increasing production to meet the growing demand of our products. We recognize homebuilders value our Eclipse™ product, and we are working around the clock to meet the increased demand driven by building code changes and increasing housing starts in markets that utilize radiant barrier roof decks.”
—Bobby Byrd, Director of Sales

In the next few months, the completed production line will double the output of RoyOMartin’s Eclipse™ OSB Radiant Barrier when running at full capacity.

“Eclipse™ has been an important value-added product for RoyOMartin since it was first introduced in 2003 at our first OSB mill in LeMoyen, La. We have grown our capabilities over the past 18 years with efficiency improvements on the original machine, but in 2019 we realized the market was outgrowing our ability to produce enough radiant barrier. Our new subsidiary, Corrigan OSB, L.L.C., was the perfect location to add production capacity. The line is manufactured by Globe Machine Manufacturing Co. and equipped with a Black Brothers laminating station. The Corrigan team is ready to provide our customers with high-quality Eclipse™.”
—Terry Secrest, Executive Vice President

For more information on Eclipse™ OSB Radiant Barrier, visit our website at

RoyOMartin® is the registered trade name of Martco L.L.C., a forestry-related and wood-products manufacturing company based in Alexandria, La. RoyOMartin currently operates two manufacturing facilities in Central La. – an OSB plant in Oakdale and a plywood and timbers plant in Chopin. Its Texas subsidiary, Corrigan OSB, L.L.C., in Corrigan, Tx., opened in 2018 as the newest, most technologically-advanced plant of its kind in North America. All Louisiana-manufactured OSB, plywood, timbers, and boards are available Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Certified. For more information, go to


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