RoyOMartin Forestry Team Marks 11-Year Safety Milestone

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Alexandria, La. – (August 6, 2018) – Wood-products manufacturer RoyOMartin announced today that its forestry team has completed 11 years without an OSHA-recordable injury, effective August 2. Logging and forestry have historically been among the most dangerous occupations in North America. Given those statistics and the vast amount of company-owned timberland managed by RoyOMartin foresters—nearly 560,000 acres—this accomplishment is especially noteworthy.

The forestry department’s achievement is largely due to each team member’s personal commitment to safety. “We have been blessed with a team of dedicated individuals who consider themselves their ‘brother’s (or sister’s) keeper,’” explained RoyOMartin Vice President of Land and Timber Cade Young. “Safety—both at work and at home—has become so engrained in our day-to-day activities here at RoyOMartin that it’s part of our culture. That message carries across to our activities outside of work as well.”

Keys to the team’s success include reporting near-misses, performing quality safety audits, and making daily contacts, in cooperation with a dedicated team of health, safety, and environmental professionals. “Whether the topic is defensive driving, prevention of heat illness, or another area of concern, we share information with others throughout the organization and have our executive leaders’ support in doing so,” Young stated.

In recognition of working 11 years without a recordable, RoyOMartin-Forestry will host a celebration for its approximately 50 foresters and support personnel in the near future.


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