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Alexandria, La. – (August 13, 2019) – RoyOMartin is taking their product knowledge straight to the end user via a new product blog. Builders, framers, and homeowners can now get first-hand tips on best products to use, installation best practices, storm prep, questions to ask when buying a home, and relevant industry news and commentary—all in one central location.

“We want to ensure the best possible outcome for builders and homebuyers when using OSB and plywood products, or when buying or building a new home,” states RoyOMartin Sales Representative Amanda Vincent.

Zach Zimmerman, sales representative, adds, “There are practical questions homeowners can ask when purchasing a new home, like, ‘What is the sidewall made of?’ We want to empower homeowners, so they know the difference between building with structural panels versus flex-board panels, for example. Structural panels are designed to withstand storms, while in the field, we’ve found that flex board often does not. There is so much information we want to share with builders and homeowners, and our new product blog is the vehicle to accomplish just that.”

Still in its early stages, the RoyOMartin product blog currently has two posts, with plans to add to the library each month. Visit the blog on our website here.


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