RoyOMartin celebrates 100 Years and remains a privately-owned and professionally managed company. The internal “100 Faces of the Future,” “100 Days of Education,” and “100 Acts of Service” campaigns kick off.

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PlywoodMill upgrades history


RoyOMartin announces $9.5M investment in modernizing the plywood facility in Chopin, La. The Land and Timber department marked 15 years of safety and 20 years of  Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)  (FSC® C009079) certification.

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Expansion of our Texas subsidiary Corrigan OSB, L.L.C., began with the construction of a second oriented strand board facility near the original site. 2021 was the safest year in company history, even as RoyOMartin and its subsidiaries continued full-time operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. RoyOMartin once again experienced favorable U.S. market conditions for wood products.

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RoyOMartin and its subsidiaries experience no reductions in force or production curtailments throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, relying on Legacy Health & Wellness to keep everyone safe. President and COO E. Scott Poole serves on the Louisiana Legislative Advisory Task Force on Economic Recovery. Like similar manufacturers, RoyOMartin experiences favorable U.S. market conditions for wood products

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2019 Revised


Jonathan E. Martin, chairman, passes away at age 70. RoyOMartin announces $30 million in capital expenditures for modernization projects at the Oakdale and Chopin, Louisiana, manufacturing plants. The following individuals assume new or expanded roles: Chairman, CEO, and CFO Roy O. Martin III; President and COO E. Scott Poole; Executive Vice President of Manufacturing and

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Team members at Corrigan OSB, L.L.C. make the facility’s first press-load of OSB panels on April 24 and celebrate the plant’s grand opening on May 30.  RoyOMartin announces plans to increase timbers production by installing a new dry kiln at its Chopin, LA, plywood and solid wood plant. 

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2017 1


RoyOMartin’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Corrigan OSB, L.L.C., has ventured outside the home state of Louisiana and will open a pine OSB-manufacturing facility in Corrigan, Texas.

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At 232 years old, the state champion loblolly pine tree dies in LaSalle Parish. RoyOMartin presents to the State of Louisiana a ring, or cookie, from this 157-foot-tall pine that survived the Civil War, both World Wars, the moon landing, and 9/11. The donation is made for the state’s bicentennial celebration.

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In partnership with another local employer, RoyOMartin enters the healthcare business with the state’s first employer-sponsored, patient-centered medical home in Alexandria. A pharmacy follows in 2018.

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