How Are the Current Markets Affecting FSC-Certified Materials?

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Within the last year, everyone from builders to manufacturers and homeowners has seen a sharp increase in the price of lumber and wood building materials in general. And, you may be wondering how this impacts Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified products as well. In a recent interview, Martin Family Council President Amanda Martin Vincent shed some light on the current situation concerning FSC-certified lumber and other FSC products. Read on to find out what’s happening, why, and what’s ahead in the world of FSC-certified building materials.

How Are Increasing Prices for Lumber Overall Impacting Markets for FSC-Certified Building Materials? 

The current housing market, while unprecedented, is not unforeseen. The United States is currently 3.8 million housing starts short of what we need to fill the market. After the 2007 housing and financial crisis, builders slowed new building projects and millennials shied away from entering the market. Now, millennials are buying, remote workers are migrating, and baby boomers are seeking retirement homes. We are simply playing catch-up for the last decade of pent-up demand that was exacerbated by the pandemic. On the manufacturing side, the supply chain cannot keep up with the demand so the price of materials is on the rise. As buyers and builders are anxious to get more product, the rise of FSC® materials, should they be more readily available, will fill a need.

Are There Any Market Segments Where the High Overall Prices Today Help Make FSC-Certified Products More Competitive? 

Commercial projects, LEED projects, and government projects have always been great spaces for FSC® products. As we look to a possible 2-trillion-dollar infrastructure plan, building materials could take off even more so than they are now. New regulations in emissions, carbon sequestering, and waste reduction will be likely be a part of the bill, and builders and developers who use FSC® products will have an advantage over those who do not. Roads, bridges, trains, and buses all require wood products, with FSC® plyform panels and mariner plywood panels being the most-used wood products for those jobs.

What Is Your Message to Customers Considering FSC-Certified Lumber and Sheet Goods Right Now?

Choosing quality wood products that can be tracked back to the original source is one of the smartest choices a builder and homeowner can make right now. In this competitive market, we will see an influx of imports that do not meet U.S. standards, are not third-party certified, and that will not be warrantied. Cheap products such as foam-board will flood the market. Builders and consumers need to be smart right now and choose products they can rely on. FSC® products conform to the highest standards in the industry and will ensure a safe and sturdy structure and peace of mind.

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