Protect Your Structures With Wind-Resistant Sheathing

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Strong winds can leave severe damage in their wake. For structures that regularly face high winds, wind-resistant sheathing can provide extra strength and resilience. At RoyOMartin, we offer cost-effective wind-resistant sidewall sheathing to help protect your home or business from damaging high winds. Choose our WindBrace OSB wall sheathing for Hurricane-prone areas!

For structures that regularly face high winds, wind resistant sheathing can provide extra strength and resilience.

Why Should You Choose Wind Resistant Sheathing?

Any home or business owner wants to keep their property safe from harm. General maintenance, including trimming trees and investing in reinforced doors and windows, can help safeguard against storm damage. With WindBrace® OSB wall sheathing, you can protect your building from the inside out! Our wind-resistant sheathing meets international building codes. This makes them an especially great choice for hurricane-prone areas. But why? This is due to the structure of OSB panels.

Each oriented strand board (OSB) is designed with crisscrossed strands of wood held together with waterproof adhesive. These are compressed for added durability and warp resistance. This production also cuts out excess waste by utilizing trees with visual imperfections that might otherwise go unused. Our WindBrace® OSB sheathing stands up to its name. When set against high wind, this wind-resistant sheathing offers strength and stability. Panels are available in four length options ranging from 97 ⅛ inches to 145 ⅛ inches. These boards are longer than your standard sheathing, erasing the need for uplift hardware or filler strips. And, our WindBrace® boards are available in a variety of thicknesses to meet your construction needs!

Note that WindBrace® OSB wall sheathing panels should also offer enhanced protection against excessive moisture. When storing, cover boards with a roof or protective material to prevent water absorption. When it is time for construction, allow your panels to fully acclimate to weather conditions for at least 24 hours before installation. If your panels are left exposed during construction, be aware that your panels may swell around the edges or develop a mildly rough texture. To correct swollen edges and prevent “ghost lines,” or visible ridges, gently sand out imperfections once your panels have dried. And, make sure to use proper weather-resistant barriers and waterproofing. This ensures that your board is safe from moisture after construction is complete.

Find the Right Wind Resistant Sheathing for Hurricane-Prone Areas

Make sure that your construction is ready to weather any storm. If you want to protect your construction against hurricane winds, choose our WindBrace® OSB Wall Sheathing! These boards are cost-effective OSB sidewall solutions that are perfect for storm protection. In addition to our WindBrace® our WindBrace OSB sheathing, you can also browse our three other types of OSB board: Eclipse® OSB Radiant Barrier panels, TuffStrand® eight-foot and extended length panels, and StructWall panels for protection against seismic activity. Contact our sales team today at 800-299-5174 or request help on our website. We’re happy to answer any questions you have and are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible!