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There’s a reason why so many professionals choose RoyOMartin for their wood product needs. With nearly a century of experience in the industry, we have remained committed to providing wood products that deliver the quality our customers expect and deserve. We only use domestic raw materials in the manufacture of our products. And we strive to consistently deliver the highest-quality, APA-approved OSB, plywood, and solid wood for our clients. Because we believe in a sustainable future, RoyOMartin is also proud to offer all wood products as Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified as available. This includes OSB, plywood, timbers, and landscape timbers. So, if you are seeking wood building materials Utah, learn why RoyOMartin could be the best choice to meet your business’s needs. And explore our vast selection of products to find the right materials for your next project. 

Find the Quality Products You Need

As an established wood building materials provider serving Utah, we are ready to help you find the quality products you need for your next project. Learn more about our OSB, plywood, and solid wood to get the right materials for the job.


Oriented-strand board, or OSB, is a tough and durable wood product that can be used for sheathing purposes. RoyOMartin offers several types of OSB with unique traits that can make them the right choice for a variety of uses. For example, our Eclipse™ OSB Radiant Barrier panels offer an energy-efficient roof sheathing solution that can reduce summer attic temperatures up to 30°F! For areas where high winds are an issue, our WindBrace® OSB sheathing includes oversized panels. These panels eliminate the need for horizontal joints while providing greater wall strength. TuffStrand® also delivers exceptional dimensional stability and surface uniformity with strong durable panels. And StructWall contains similar features but works best for seismically active areas.


Plywood plays a crucial role in many construction projects. And choosing RoyOMartin for your plywood supply can reward you with quality materials and features that can make your project that much better. Our GreenCore Plyform® plywood is specifically designed for the concrete industry and can help produce a uniform finish. It comes pre-oiled with a premium reactive release agent and can be reused multiple times. We also offer several varieties of SmartCore plywood, including:

Find affordable, well-constructed plywood options you can trust with RoyOmartin.

Solid Wood

In addition to engineered wood products, RoyOMartin also offers a selection of solid wood materials. We offer solid wood boards, solid wood timbers, and solid wood landscape timbers manufactured to meet our high standards. Find the perfect choice for a number of jobs, such as landscaping, gardens, fencing, porches, pillars, baseboards, and much more. And, they can be treated, stained, or painted to help you capture the right look for your next project.

Searching for a Wood Building Materials Supplier Serving Utah?

If you’ve been looking for a respected wood building materials supplier serving Utah, you owe it to yourself to see what RoyOMartin could do for you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. When you want quality, strength, and beauty that lasts, choose RoyOMartin for your wood product needs.