Structural OSB Sheathing vs Flex Board Sheathing

Areas that are prone to volatile weather conditions should consider this when it comes to construction. Whether you are building residential homes or commercial businesses, it is important that the materials used can withstand intense wind or movement from hurricanes, tornadoes, or earthquakes. Choosing structural OSB sheathing vs flex board sheathing depends on how much force your structure is put through. When it comes to choosing the right wall sheathing for your construction, use this guide to determine the differences.

Structural OSB Sheathing vs Flex Board Sheathing - flexboard straight line wind test
Example of a home built with Flexboard

Structural OSB Sheathing

Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is manufactured from fibrous strands of wood crossed over themselves in no particular pattern. These strands are collected from trees and wood scraps that would otherwise be thrown away, a process that prevents excess waste. Once the strands are arranged, they are then firmly compressed with an ultra-strong adhesive. The final product: a highly durable board that wards off warping or breaking.

OSB is widely loved for construction thanks to its inherent strength and integrity. Whether you are searching for extra long boards, materials that will stand up to hurricane-force winds and seismic activity, or sheathing that is also energy efficient, structural OSB sheathing offers solutions to many construction needs. And, this type of board is typically less expensive than other varieties of sheathing. But be aware that while these boards withstand harsh weather, they are highly absorbent. So, these boards should always be treated with sealant before being used in construction.

Flex Board Sheathing

Flex board sheathing is constructed of particleboard and a hardboard face with additional laminate or veneers optional. The base layer of particleboard is segmented to allow for bending into desired shapes and angles as small as an eight-inch radius. This sheathing is a less expensive option than plywood panels and can be sanded and painted to your desired finish. But while flex board sheathing is an intriguing product for easy bending, this may not be a secure option if your structure faces volatile weather. When put under high stress and intense weather conditions, flex board does not offer the same stability and security as OSB. And, this can lead to devastating damage to your home or commercial residence.

Structural OSB Sheathing vs Flex Board Sheathing: Which One Do I Need?

How do you know which type of board is best for your construction needs? If you are deciding between structural OSB sheathing vs flex board sheathing, first consider the weather in your area. If hurricanes or tornadoes are not uncommon, OSB sheathing with additional flexibility and durability may be the right choice for you. And this is especially true if seismic activity is also possible. RoyOMartin is your expert in high-quality, sustainably sourced wood materials, and we are prepared to help you find the best sheathing for your project. Send us a message via our webform, or give us a call to discuss our products in greater detail. You can reach one of our sales representatives at 1-800-299-5174. We look forward to helping you find materials that will give you confidence in your home or business’s structural integrity!