Sustainable StructWall Solutions: Revolutionizing Eco-Friendly Construction

Sustainable StructWall Solutions

Discover how sustainable wood StructWall OSB products are changing the building industry, offering high-quality, eco-friendly solutions for professionals in construction and design.

What are StructWall and StructWallXL products used for?

StructWall and StructWallXL are innovative wood products engineered for seismically active areas.  Both products are designed to flex and absorb shock under extreme conditions, reducing breakage and retaining strength.  These panels are used in constructing strong, durable, and sustainable structures.

StructWall vs. StructWallXL: What are the differences and advantages?

Both products are structural-one rated and provide greater strength and less deflection than conventional OSB sheathing.  StructWall is the standard 8’ panel, while StructWallXL comes in 9’, 10’, and 12’ panels, which provides a cost-effective solution for meeting stringent building codes in seismically active areas.

How to install StructWall and StructWallXL?

Installation of StructWall and StructWallXL involves specific guidelines to ensure optimal performance. It typically requires professional handling and adherence to the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results. Please refer to the installation instructions that can be found on the StructWall page.

Where can I find StructWall and StructWallXL product specifications?

Detailed specifications of these products are available on the RoyOMartin website, offering insights into dimensions, material properties, and suitability for various construction needs.

Where to buy StructWall and StructWallXL?

These products are available through authorized dealers and distributors. Contacting RoyOMartin directly can provide information on the nearest purchase locations.

What are StructWall and StructWallXL applications in construction?

From single-family residential, multi-story residential, and commercial projects, StructWall and StructWallXL are versatile in application, ensuring sustainability and strength in diverse building projects.

Is StructWallXL suitable for commercial projects?

Yes, StructWallXL is suitable for commercial and residential projects alike, with its structural-one rating.

As the construction industry evolves towards more sustainable practices, RoyOMartin’s sustainable wood StructWall and other related OSB and Plywood products stand at the forefront, offering reliable, eco-conscious solutions for today’s builders and architects.