TuffStrand OSB Products: Innovating Building Solutions

TuffStrand OSB Products

TuffStrand® OSB Products by RoyOMartin represent a breakthrough in the building and construction industry, offering a blend of durability and environmental sustainability.

What is RoyOMartin’s TuffStrand® product?

TuffStrand® is our strong and durable traditional oriented strand board (OSB) product designed for excellent dimensional stability and surface uniformity, ideal for various construction applications.

How is TuffStrandXL® different from TuffStrand®?

TuffStrandXL® is our dependable TuffStrand® panel that is available in longer-length options to allow for greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness in some construction projects.

What are the applications of TuffStrand® OSB?

TuffStrand® OSB is versatile, and used in flooring, roof decking, and wall sheathing, among other applications in residential and commercial construction.

Is TuffStrand® suitable for outdoor use?

TuffStrand® is structurally an exposure one resiliency and is meant for light to normal construction delays.  It is moisture-resistant but is not meant for extended long-term outdoor use.

What sizes are available for TuffStrandXL®?

TuffStrandXL® panels are available in 9’, 10’, and 12’ lengths, providing broader coverage and efficiency in construction projects. Visit the product page for specific thickness details.

How does TuffStrand® perform in high-moisture environments?

When installed correctly TuffStrand® OSB exhibits excellent moisture resistance throughout the construction process, making it suitable for use in environments where humidity and moisture are concerns.  See our Marine Layer: Best Performance Practices for OSB Installation in Multi-Story-Multi-Unit Buildings for detailed installation instructions.

What are the environmental certifications of TuffStrand® OSB?

TuffStrand® OSB and all RoyOMartin’s products are available Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified highlighting RoyOMartin’s commitment to sustainable forestry and manufacturing practices.

Can TuffStrand® be used for roofing and flooring?

Yes, TuffStrand’s durability and resistance properties make it an excellent choice for both roofing and flooring applications in diverse building projects.  Our TuffTier OSB Sub-Flooring is our trusted TuffStrand® 8’ panel with a tongue and groove design to make flooring installation seamless and more efficient.

Where can I purchase TuffStrand® OSB?

TuffStrand® OSB can be purchased through authorized RoyOMartin distributors. Check the official website to Find your Supplier.

How does TuffStrand® compare to traditional plywood?

Both TuffStrand® and RoyOMartin’s Plywood fall under the Structural one subcategory of APA-rated sheathing.  This places them near each other in terms of strength and durability.  TuffStrand® is typically more affordable than plywood and is available in longer sheets as compared to plywood. Plywood is created using sheets of wood instead of strands. Plywood is generally recognized as more resistant to water.

How are TuffStrand® and TuffStrandXL® manufactured?

TuffStrand® products are manufactured using advanced techniques and a perfect recipe of wood strands and resin that ensures uniformity, strength, and sustainability, aligning with modern construction standards.

What are the weight specifications of TuffStrandXL® panels?

The weight of TuffStrandXL® panels varies based on size and thickness. Consult the product specifications for detailed information.

How does TuffStrand® contribute to sustainable building practices?

TuffStrand® is produced with a focus on environmental sustainability, using responsibly sourced local wood and environmentally conscious manufacturing processes.

Are TuffStrand® and TuffStrandXL® suitable for load-bearing constructions?

Yes, both TuffStrand® and TuffStrandXL® are designed to meet the demands of load-bearing constructions, offering robust support and durability.