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When searching for the right roofing material, OSB can deliver the right quality for your project. Learn the pros and cons!
Do you have a roofing job coming up and are curious about what your options are for material? Using conventional roofing equipment, both OSB and plywood panels can be cut and [...]
What Is Plywood, and How Is It Made?
Plywood has been widely used and loved for a range of applications. These manufactured panels are especially revered for their function in construction products. From decorative interior uses to providing stability [...]
Choosing the right OSB products can benefit your next build.
If you’re looking to build anytime soon, you should be aware of the benefits of choosing 9’ or 10’ panels from your OSB supplier. With the changing landscape in home design [...]
Your source for FSC certified wood products.
..With a national and industry push for sustainability and responsibility around forestation and manufacturing, you might be curious as to how RoyOMartin stacks up. Corporate responsibility and sustainability aren’t just buzzwords [...]
What Is OSB and How Is It Made? | RoyOMartin
Whether you’re a veteran of the construction industry or you’re new to the trade, there’s a good chance that you’ve used OSB in your projects. And for good reason. This wood [...]
The Benefits of Choosing Plywood From Trusted Manufacturers
Plywood is an easily accessible and multi-purpose wood panel. Softwood or hardwood fiber sheets are compressed with resin adhesive to create a strong, durable, and warp-resistant core. The outer layers of [...]
How WindBrace OSB Sheathing Delivers Quality & Saves Money
When it’s time to start your next project, it’s only natural to want the best materials for the job. After all, families will depend on the homes you build—potentially for generations [...]
OSB vs Plywood: Which One Should You Use?
When you’re getting ready for your next project, you need to make sure you’re picking the right materials for the job. Choosing the wrong materials can cost you time and money [...]
3 Advantages of Choosing OSB Radiant Barrier Panels
When it’s time to choose materials for a new building project, there are a number of important considerations to make. Price certainly factors into the equation. But quality and features also [...]
Structural OSB Sheathing vs Flex Board Sheathing - flexboard straight line wind test
Areas that are prone to volatile weather conditions should consider this when it comes to construction. Whether you are building residential homes or commercial businesses, it is important that the materials [...]
Find quality wood building materials in Utah.
There’s a reason why so many professionals choose RoyOMartin for their wood product needs. With nearly a century of experience in the industry, we have remained committed to providing wood products [...]
Find building materials in Texas.
Are you searching for quality wood building materials in Texas? RoyOMartin is your trusted source for high-quality wood products. For industries nationwide, we can provide you with ethically sourced and American-made [...]
Searching for building materials in Arkansas?
If you are searching for high-quality building materials in Arkansas, RoyOMartin can supply you with the right wood products for the job. From plywood to oriented strand board and solid wood, [...]
For structures that regularly face high winds, wind resistant sheathing can provide extra strength and resilience.
Strong winds can leave severe damage in their wake. For structures that regularly face high winds, wind-resistant sheathing can provide extra strength and resilience. At RoyOMartin, we offer cost-effective wind-resistant sidewall [...]
Martco L.L.C. Creates a Second Texas OSB Mill
Oriented Strand Board Manufacturing in Corrigan, TXMartco L.L.C., located in Oakdale, Louisiana, is adding a second oriented strand board (OSB) mill in Corrigan, Texas! Construction is slated to begin in 2021 [...]
Find oriented strand board with RoyOMartin.
Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is a well-loved and widely used wood product in construction. This engineered wood panel compresses cross-oriented wood strands with a waterproof adhesive to form a durable, warp-resistant [...]
Roy O'Martin
IntroductionWhen thinking of construction, a male dominant industry comes to mind. Women currently only make up 10.3% of construction, however, the future is quite promising for women in the workforce. With [...]
Find FSC-certified lumber at RoyOMartin.
Within the last year, everyone from builders to manufacturers and homeowners has seen a sharp increase in the price of lumber and wood building materials in general. And, you may be [...]
Lern about cross laminated timber with RoyOMartin.
As the wood manufacturing industry continues to grow and evolve, innovative solutions are leading the way with more affordable, stronger, and more environmentally friendly building materials. Cross laminated timber, or CLT, [...]
Find out what a difference OSB sheathing can make.
OSB panels are created by combining thin wood strands with adhesive and hot pressing them into sheets. Each layer of oriented strand board, or OSB, is perpendicular to the one below [...]
Roy O'Martin
When you need sheathing materials for your project, it’s important to remember that quality is key. And, because these products are used in wall, roof, and floor construction, they need to [...]
Roy O'Martin
For some projects, plywood is a natural choice. It gives you durability you can rely on. And its strength can make it the perfect pick for plenty of jobs. The modern [...]
2020 has wreaked havoc, doom, and gloom on all our lives, and it seems there is never any good news to report. And yet, the economy has a bright spot: housing. [...]
Landscape timbers are an incredibly popular option with homeowners to help transform their landscaping. But before you buy landscape timbers, it's important to understand that they can be a challenge for [...]
You deserve a wood that can handle your particular project. As a type of engineered wood, oriented strand board (OSB) is tough, affordable, and reliable. Builders also love OSB for its [...]
Welcome to the dystopian world of COVID-19. We wear masks and operate as shut-in recluses working from home, having someone else bring us food, and homeschooling our kids. The stock market [...]
STUMPED BY SOFTWOODS AND HARDWOODS?If you found yourself on a gameshow with the final-round question being, “What is the difference between hardwood and softwood?,” and you answered, “Hardwood is hard and [...]
TRADE ASSOCIATION ISSUES WARNING REGARDING IMPORTED BRAZILIAN PLYWOODThe United States is being flooded with massive quantities of Brazilian plywood that do not meet U.S. Voluntary Product Standard PS-1 for structural plywood [...]
Ready or not, the 2020 presidential election is upon us, and its potential effect on our industry should have us all paying close attention. Election years typically mean instability in the [...]
Oriented strand board (OSB) has come a long way since its introduction in the 1970s. Use of OSB is now commonplace to integrate strength with durability for construction. From the most [...]
RADIANT BARRIER: MADE IN THE SHADE It’s summertime in the South, and this is a superbly hot one. Drastic heat-wave temps are hitting the Northeast. It’s just always hot in the [...]
Popping up all over Texas are homes being built with flexible cellulosic fiber boards, or non-wood structural panels. These homes, essentially made of a cardboard-like material, are vulnerable to complete demolition [...]